3 Tips for Washing Your Chevrolet Truck

Even if you love to take your new Silverado or Colorado out for some mudding on the weekend, there’s nothing like seeing your truck with a sparkling sheen. Take advantage of the warm weather and set aside an afternoon to give your truck some TLC. These tips for washing your Chevrolet truck will help you get the most out of your time and effort.

Check the weather

Imagine taking a day out of your busy schedule to lovingly wash your new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or Colorado — only for the skies to open up and the rain to come pouring down hours later. Your favorite weather app is your friend when it comes to washing your Chevrolet truck. Pick a day that’s warm and sunny but preferably not so hot that you’ll have a hard time. And if possible, pick a day with little or no chance of rain in the days ahead so you can enjoy the look of a shiny clean truck for as long as possible.

Leave no stone unturned

Washing your truck effectively is about more than just soaping and hosing off the body. You need to pay attention to the particulars. Spend some time cleaning out your truck bed, especially if you do a lot of hauling. Make sure you get the headlights and grille, too, since that’s where a lot of dirt and bugs will accumulate. And don’t forget to save the wheels for last.

Have the right tools

You always should be well-equipped to do the job at hand, even when it comes to washing your Chevy truck. Invest in high-quality sponges, towels, and chamois and make sure you get the right cleaning products for the job. You may even want to take a three-bucket approach, which gives you dedicated receptacles for clean soapy water, water for rinsing, and water specifically for the wheels at the finish.

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