Tips for Cleaning Your Chevy in Bartow, FL

Cleaning Your Chevy | Stingray Chevy Bartow | Bartow, FL

Regularly cleaning your Chevy model not only creates a good impression, it also helps protect your investment. A junky, cluttered, and dirty vehicle chips away at the interior and exterior integrity of your Chevy. Here are a few tips for cleaning your Chevy.

Shop with care

With cleaning products designed for automotive care, you can renew the look and feel as well as help maintain the value of your beloved Chevy. Using products that you might already have in your cleaning supplies, like dishwashing liquid, that aren’t designed for cars can damage your vehicle. Non-car-care specific formulations may be too harsh for the paint finish or degrade the quality of your car’s upholstery.

Thoroughly wash your Chevy

Rinsing your Chevy with a blast of water isn’t enough to get it clean. You’ll need two buckets of water — one to mix the auto-approved soap and one for rinsing your wash mitt. Be sure to wash from top to bottom and don’t neglect the undercarriage of your Chevy. Apply wax to protect your hard work and your car’s exterior paint so it will gleam in the Florida sunshine.

Focus on the cabin

Rid your cabin and trunk, truck bed, or cargo area of trash and unnecessary items. The more you carry, the harder your Chevy has to work, meaning your fuel efficiency could take a dive. Once the clutter is gone, use your vacuum to suck up dust and dirt. Give the floor mats, center console, glove box some attention, too.

Make sure your Chevy model is at its best with a maintenance check at Stingray Chevrolet Bartow in Bartow, Florida.

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